We believe in creating compelling content for innovative brands

Third Coast Films is a global creative collective that helps good companies make great content. Our expansive talent network features some of the best production partners, editors, cinematographers, and film producers to ensure your content is of the highest quality every time.

The brilliant creators at Third Coast Films are real people. We know budgets can vary, which is why we help develop cost-effective creative solutions. Third Coast Films delivers impactful work, thanks to our experience and flexibility. Content comes in all forms, and Third Coast Films helps make that content great.

Who we are

What we do best

Live Action

Live action can build authenticity, which humanizes your business. We can script, film, and edit for: people (including babies and your cousin who wants to be an actor), dogs, cats, and even cars! We work with you to define what is best for your brand and audience. 

Animation, Motion Graphics, and VFX

Bring your story to life with 2D, 3D, and VFX. We can work with you on scripting, storyboarding, and design because the way we see it, every pixel is a chance to convey a message. That is why we laser focus on every step of the production process to ensure the highest quality of work. 

Case Studies

Who doesn’t like social proof from the CEO of company X on camera talking about how your company made them successful? Exactly, we can’t name anyone either. Luckily testimonials are our bread and butter. Explore multiple styles and find out what kind of testimonial is best for your brand.

You can find us in Austin, TX and Oakland, CA.

Oakland, California

Opening hours
Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm

Austin, Texas

Opening hours
Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm

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